Saxophone Tuition ~ Alto, Tenor, Baritone  Clarinet tuition  Flute tuition

Jazz improvisation


Piano Lessons   - from beginner to Grade 5   (including Jazz piano)

Adult and young beginners welcome. Lessons with  either Laura or Matthew Morris. 

Basic skills and technique for the piano and keyboard are the same for any style of playing.

‘Jazz piano’ students will be taught the extra skills needed to interpret chord symbols and  how to approach improvisation (create solos)


Music Theory  -   from beginner to Grade 8 ABRSM

Understanding the way music is put together will really help your playing. Its not a separate thing, basic music theory should always be studied as part of learning to play your instrument. We’ll guide you through the things you need to know — when you need to know them.


Jazz Theory   - understanding and using Chord Symbols and Jazz scales for any instrument.




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Other services:-


Woodwind Instrument REPAIR WORK


Music Copying -  P.O.A.

professionally printed parts created from hand written scores.

Full Orchestra scores and parts , Big band scores and parts ,

Brass Band scores and parts,

Choral works ,  Small ensemble any instrumentation.


Music arranging -  whatever it is,  we’ll arrange it if possible.

for Big Band

for Orchestra

for small ensembles

for Solo vocal and piano



Please note:- We will NOT work from illegally photocopied copyright materials.


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Matthew Morris

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Trombone Lessons


Tuba Lessons

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French Horn player -South West and Midlands

Laura Morris


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